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Updated: May 2


As a lifelong lover of swimming, my affinity for the water runs deep in my veins. I often joke that I inherited the "water gene" from my family, all of whom share a passion for swimming, particularly my mother(above), who could be considered borderline addicted to the sport. From a young age, she instilled in me a profound appreciation for the joys of swimming.


My childhood was filled with countless memories of aquatic adventures. After school, my mother would whisk us away for a quick dip in the river or a visit to the local outdoor pool, seizing every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the water. Our family holidays were similarly centered around aquatic escapades, with summers spent camping on the beaches of the Isle of Mull, where amenities were scarce, and our only means of hair washing was a nearby stream. Caravanning along the picturesque Pembrokeshire coast and exploring the sandy shores of Cornwall and Devon became cherished traditions, with the allure of water dictating the locations of our trips.


Today, my love for swimming remains as strong as ever, shaping my choices and influencing my adventures. It was one of the main reasons for choosing Glasgow School of Art when considering my masters, as I knew it would be on the doorstep of so many wonderful swims. And it is possibly the main reason I have remained here in Scotland; the intense beauty and drama of these surroundings continue to ignite my creativity and joy. Whether I'm seeking solace in the tranquil waters of a loch or embarking on an aquatic exploration of Scotland's ever-changing coast, the pull of the water continues to guide me on unforgettable journeys.

Image: Connie age 2 in the sea with her mum and sister on a family holiday down in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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